Occupy Harrisburg group holds first meeting

The Occupy Wall Street protest movement has spread to other cities, including Harrisburg. The first meeting of Occupy Harrisburg was held Wednesday night at the Metropolitan Community Church of the Spirit.

Organizers said before the meeting that their first plan of action was to protest and call for the resignation or impeachment of Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson.

“Here in Harrisburg, we have a lot things that are wrong with the current administration, the state, with the current financial crisis of the city,” co-leader Alex Knapp said.

But others that packed into the room were concerned with broader issues, both statewide and nationally.

“This business with Marcellus Shale and no fees being attached is a perfect example,” said one man talking about issues with the state. “We have a state in financial crisis, in desperate need of funding. Here is a legitimate source for income.”

“I don't think Linda Thompson has anything to do with it,” said another man at the meeting. “I don't think Marcellus Shale has anything to do with it.”

Many in the crowd seemed focused on anger over the economy and what they see as corporate greed.

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