Middletown Borough Council reorganizes

The Middletown Borough Council has a new president and new vice president following a special meeting to reorganize the council on Friday.

A Council meeting Tuesday erupted into a shouting match after a motion was made by council member Robert Louer to reorganize.  

Flood victims had shown up to the meeting, which was advertised as an informational meeting, with questions about how to handle damages to their homes. When the meeting started, many residents were angry and started yelling.

Louer said he understands why everyone was emotional, but said the former council president, Diana McGlone, had not been effectively communicating with other members of the council about how damages would be handled. He said believes his actions were in the best interest of the community.

“They lost so much and they wanted a glimmer of hope, but when it was put in over top of our council meeting and we tried to do the job we want to do it turned into a screeching shouting match,” he said.

Loier said the newly reorganized council will better serve the needs of flood victims, and other community members.

He said they have appointed John Patten, a former PEMA director, to help them through the flood crisis. Patten, a Middletown resident, will be volunteering his time to the borough.

Friday's meeting was calm and brief. Only a handful of community members were present. Not all of the board members were in attendance, but the votes for Mary Hiester for president, and David Rhen as vice president, were unanimous.

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