Lake Tobias: Employee takes blame for tiger bite

The female employee bitten by a tiger at Lake Tobias, on Thursday, has taken the blame for the incident and has said she doesn't want anything to happen to the tiger or the park.

She asked that her identity not be released.  Lake Tobias officials released this statement on her behalf.

“Her concern at this time is for the park and the tiger and she expresses her regret for causing undue attention to the park and concern to the public.”

Lake Tobias Park Manager, Ern Tobias, says the employee stuck her arm in the tiger cage and one of the two male Bengal tigers bit her arm.  Tobias says the employee was not authorized to be in that area.  According Tobias, the employee's arm was not broken but she underwent surgery to repair torn muscles and ligaments. She was reportedly released from the hospital on Friday.

“I'm glad that she is going to be ok,” said Tobias.  “I'm glad she is concerned about the park and the animals and that this doesn't cause any problems for the park or the animals.”

Park officials say a USDA inspector was at the park on Friday, which is standard practice after anyone is injured by an animal.  Tobias says the park is always inspected twice a year.

All employees at Lake Tobias were told that anyone reaching into cages in the future could lose their job.

“If everything is ok, we can move forward and never have something like this happen again,” said Tobias.

Lake Tobias, located just outside of Halifax,  has been opened since 1965 and is a family owned business.

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