Report: Feds asking nuclear plants to look at employees

ABC News is reporting that the federal government is sending out alerts about potential terrorists working at power plants who may be planning a strike on the 10th anniversary of September 11.

According to the report, the Department of Homeland Security has been making inquiries to nuclear facilities and asking them to take a second look at their employees.

Exelon Nuclear spokesman Ralph DeSantis said Three Mile Island has not received such a request.

“We have not, but I should add that we have a program in place where we have constant behavior operations of our employees,” DeSantis said. “Any time we observe an employee acting a little funny or odd we can pull their access to the plant, do additional checks, and all employees are on guard to watch each other for that type of behavior.”

DeSantis said that since September 11, TMI has invested more than $25 million into security upgrades, and has doubled the size of its security force.

DeSantis said there wasn't really anything new contained in the ABC report, and that TMI is already aware that extremists may be trying to sabotage the system. He said that's why nuclear power plants have one of the most rigorous background checks of any industry in the United States.

“We do FBI background checks, credit history checks, psychological checks, fitness for duty, state police background checks,” he said. “It's very rigorous.”

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