Lebanon employers can get cash for hiring and training workers

Finding a job can be tough for anybody, including the 6 percent unemployed in Lebanon County.

“It's hard…there are no jobs available. I've been filling out applications,” said job seeker Monica Vasquez. 

But  now there's hope – the “On-the-Job” training program (OJT) is back. Pennsylvania Career Link in Lebanon County will match qualified candidates with eligible employers.

The program offers employers up to $5,500 to train workers whether they're current employees or new ones.

“Lebanon County needs good paying jobs,” said County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz. “Here's an opportunity to expand the work force or train those who you have who you want to do higher skilled work.”

 Litz says she's thrilled the program is back. Several years ago she says funds dried up during the recession. Now, she believes OJT  will jumpstart the job market and boost morale for people struggling to find work.

“I'm happy! Because, I need a job,” Vasquez said.

Employers can be public or private sector and are reimbursed up to 50-percent for wages or training expenses. Depending on the job, the employee's training period is 3 to 6 months.

Some may not know about the OJT program just yet, but Litz hopes both employers and job seekers will take full advantage while it's around.

“I think it's exciting and it's available and it's affordable,” Litz said. “It makes everything work both for the employer and the employees.”

CareerLink officials say the OJT program has no time limit. That means it'll continue as long as there is funding.

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