Feds unseal indictment charging 20 with cocaine distribution

The U.S. Attorney's Office has unsealed an indictment charging 20 people with distributing cocaine in the Carlisle area.

The indictment names 19 Carlisle residents, identified as Gary Stackfield, 58; Justin Thompson, 32; Aunya Stackfield, 25; Demarao Gumby, 31; Walter Fickes, 28; John Mowery, 51; Roy Singer, 57; Robert Green, 45; Bernadette Green, 43; Arnold Ashwell, 39; Korey Wooten, 34; Heather Middleton, 24; John Zaengle, 53; Nick Vrataric, 50; Charles Green, 54; Joseph Mowery, 56; Daniel Hocker, 53; Starlene Middleton, 31; and Michael Konetsco, 55.

Kevin Pearson, 44, from the Washington, D.C. area, was indicted on the same charges.

Pearson, Gumby and Hocker remain at large. The remaining 17 defendants were arrested Wednesday night and arraigned before a U.S. district judge on Thursday.

Gary Stackfield, Ashwell and Wooten were ordered held without bail, while the other suspects were released pending a court appearance. Trial was scheduled for Aug. 1.

U.S. Attorney Peter Smith said Pearson is accused of supplying Gary Stackfield with cocaine, which was then distributed to the other defendants. Authorities called it a “well-organized network.”

“There were all different kinds of folks from different backgrounds,” Carlisle police Chief Stephen Margeson said. “These were not street corner drug deals. This was more a methodical business, like a drug distribution system.”

All of the defendants were charged with drug trafficking and conspiracy charges, both carrying a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 5-40 years, and using phones to commit drug trafficking, which is punishable by up to four years in prison.

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