Community members react to Carlisle drug bust

As news of a major federal drug investigation spread through the streets of Carlisle, so did concern that the community might have a cocaine issue at hand.

Most residents say Wednesday night's bust, in which U.S. Marshals, FBI agents, DEA officials and ATF officers broke up an apparent cocaine ring, doesn't fit in with their image of Carlisle.

“It's usually pretty laid back, I mean you see all kinds of people walking up and down the street, people are walking their dogs, people come downtown to get dinner, shopping,” said David Bender, who owns Miss Ruth's Time Bomb shop in the borough.

Carlisle police Chief Stephen Margeson said cocaine is no stranger to the community.

“Unfortunately it does exist, and it is out there and all too readily available,” he said.

Some residents think the geographic location of the town creates easy access.

“It kind of makes sense because you've got highway 81 and 76 and we're kinda between them, so you've got a lot people coming in and out of town all the time,” said Rich Creed, a resident of the area.

Although he is not involved in this drug investigation, Chief Margeson said he hopes this bust will help deter others from dealing drugs in the community.

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