For many in Gettysburg, no casino means a sign of relief

Supporters of a casino in Gettysburg thought the tourism draw would also be a draw for gamblers. But opponents are thrilled – they didn't want slots next to their hallowed ground.

It was a different battle fought in Gettysburg 150 years ago. The current battle was over the preservation of a historic place. Many we spoke to are glad the casino isn't coming here.

“I'm thrilled to find that out. I just don't think this is the right place for it,” said Sandra Williams of New Cumberland.

Locals we talked with believed a casino would have meant one headache after another.

“There's a lot of traffic in Gettysburg now, the casino would have generated a lot more traffic,” said Marge Chowning of Solar Run, Maryland. “And we don't need anymore traffic in this area.”

Though we didn't track any of them down Thursday, there have been plenty of people in and around Gettysburg in support of the casino, saying the jobs it would have created would have really boosted the local economy.

“I know it would bring jobs, but this is an area that should be preserved as it is,” John Williams of New Cumberland said.

“I know the economy's hurting, and I know we can use every job we can find, but I just think there are other ways of creating jobs besides putting in a casino,” Sandra Williams said.

“I hope that the casino developers are not going to come back, but I would not hold my breath. Sometimes these people can be relentless, when they want something developed, there's a possibility that another group could come along,” said Ginger Zycha of Deer Park, Texas.

Casino opponents believe it would have brought a different crowd – one that wouldn't mix well with the historic sites of Gettysburg.

“This is a more family-oriented area – as for the high rollers, they can go to Pittsburgh,” Chowning said.

People we spoke with said a casino would ruin the historic views of the area, and they were doubtful a casino would bring all the revenue it promised to the area.

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