Pro tips: Keep a kit together in cold weather

Get ready for extremely cold weather, with temperatures dropping into the single-digits this weekend. If your car breaks down in the bitter cold, or if you're in a crash or if the road is closed, you need some simple items in your car to be safe.  

With a pretty good drive from Harrisburg to home in Thompsontown, Holly Bailor likes to be ready in the winter – just in case.

“Make sure my car's in tune – my husband does that actually, not me,” she said. “And keep extra blankets and boots and things, gloves in the car.”

What Holly does is a good start, says Cindy Brough of AAA of Central Pennsylvania. But, she says, your cold-weather car kit should contain more. Nothing is more important than a cell phone and a cord to charge it in the car, and a few more things, too.

“A first-aid kit,” said Brough. “This flashlight with batteries, comes with the kit. I've added an additional crank flashlight to the kit as well.”
Brough says with temperatures in the single digits, it's more important than ever to be ready if you end up stranded in your car and help's not around.

“The idea is to be able to survive until help arrives,” said Brough. “That could be a few minutes … or that could be a few days.”

That's why she packs an extra winter coat and snow boots in her car, too. Reflective belts are good to wear if you have to change a flat along the road. And, she says, keep your car's gas tank full in winter.

“So that if you do have an emergency situation, you want to be able to run your car for short periods of time,” Brough said. “You want to have that full tank of gas.”

Also a good idea in extreme cold? Jumper cables to start your car – or someone else's.

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