Former FBI agent charged with another peeping incident

A former FBI agent who was already convicted of spying on a 14-year-old girl inside a bathroom at Hershey Middle School is facing even more charges.

Last month 36-year-old Ryan Seese admitted he went into the middle school bathroom and peered over a stall to watch the teen. That incident happened back in May. He pleaded guilty in late August.

Now prosecutors have filed more charges against him stemming from an incident at a Derry Township gym.

They said back in February Seese went into the ladies bathroom at the Granada Gym.  They said there were two adult female victims.  One reported he peered into her bathroom stall using a mirror, police said.

“While it's disturbing and it shows a pattern, at least it did not impact a child,” prosecutor Fran Chardo said of the most recent charges.

Prosecutors said Seese was only identified as the suspect in that case after there was media attention surrounding his arrest in the middle school case.

Seese now faces two counts of invasion of privacy.

Seese will be sentenced for the Hershey Middle School incident in November.  In the meantime he remains free on bail.

Seese lost his job as an FBI agent back in 2007 after he was caught inside a women's bathroom at the University of Arizona.

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