Update: Skeletal remains discovered in Perry County

Thursday afternoon, someone stumbled upon what appeared to be a body next to Route 22/322, just east of Newport.

“No, it's not normal. It's pretty quiet around here for the most part,” said Lisa Thome, of Thompsontown.

State police searched the woods next to a vehicle pull-off area, and reported they found skeletal remains.

“Those pull off areas have been known to have bad histories,” said Gary Finton, of Newport. “It could be prostitution, could be drugs. In this day and age, it could be anything.”

At this point, police are only calling it a death investigation, one that's caught the attention of people who live nearby.

“I drove past it on the way home, I believe,” said Roxanne Rathmell, of Juniata Township.

Given the location, some suspect police may have a homicide on their hands.

“I've seen people there and they've not looked upstanding, let's say. I drive that highway a lot and there's all kinds of traffic that stops there. Truckers who look legitimate and people's cars who don't look legitimate there,” Finton said.

“That's a heavily traveled section so I'm surprised, but not terribly shocked,” Rathmell said.

We don't know the gender or age of the deceased, whether he or she was from the area, or how long the remains may have been there.

“I don't recall anyone local missing so I'm hoping that's not the case,” said Rathmell.

“That would be a blessing if they could find out who it is and who the family is,” said Rich Reisinger.

Investigators are hoping to learn more from an autopsy that's scheduled early next week.

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