Residents complain of wild cat problem

A sign outside a northern York County development highlights rentals and apartments, but makes no mention of cats. Perhaps it should.

Residents say dozens of wild cats are roaming their Fairview Township neighborhood.

“They're everywhere,” Chenay Johnson said. 'I mostly see them around the trailers and they wander around into our yards – well, my boyfriend's yard – and leave a whole bunch of nastiness around.”

Kelly Hitz of the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area says feral cats are a problem throughout the midstate and admits her organization has its hands too full of adoptable cats to care for ferals.

“It's not something like a domestic cat that you can put in a cage and pet and love,” Hitz said. “It's like any other wild animal in a cage and it can be very dangerous, and we're not equipped to handle a feral cat.”

abc27 was told the management has asked residents not to feed the wild cats. Our cameras saw one woman doing it. Fred Emsminger admits he's done it. “I still feed them. I mean, it's not their fault people just drop them off here,” he said.

abc27 saw a handful of cats during a half-hour visit, but was told many more come out at nighttime. “They'll defecate anywhere they feel like it, just dig a hole and squat and it's done,” Emsminger said.

There's also a strong odor of cat urine. So there's the smell and the sound.

“It's a problem at night because the cats fight and if you have your windows open you can hear the cats fighting and carrying on,” Diane Dasher said. “It's a nuisance. I love cats, but it's a nuisance.”

The manager of the complex was not in the office and did not return a phone call.

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